Thursday, July 14, 2011

A blog award!

Thank you to Tisha of  Tisha's Craft Cove for nominating me for an award.  My husband and I had been talking about the Bambi movie a few days ago - it is the first movie I remember seeing!


I would like to pass along the award to 2 blogs I have followed since they started.
Cheryl at Cher-ing Paper Memories; Cheryl posts everyday with different bits of goodness.  From how to organize your craft room (sigh!!!  I think my organization is the chaos system) to cutting titles for scrap pages.

KarenLiz at It's Time for Tea and Art.  Karenliz does a lot of amazing work on canvas as well as cards and scrapping.  She has a flair for color.

Both of these ladies are definitely worth stopping by!  Check them out and tell them Penny sent you!

I may even have to spruce up my blog now!

As always I LOVE comments!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Penny, for the nomination! I must say I don't know how to "pick up" my blog award, but it sure is fun being awarded one!

    Right now I'm spending time with my grandmother who has terminal cancer. She's really important to me and I'm glad to be here, but I don't know how much work I'll be able to do on my blog. Fortunately, I've got quite a few postings set up ahead.

    Congrats on your own award!