Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mosaic Cards/OWH Second Million Challenge

I'm busily working on getting my cards packed up to mail off to Dixie, my shipper before the deadline of June 30.  However, I keep coming up with "one more card" I want to make - does that happen to anyone else?
My good friend, Cheryl, owner of Inspired Designs, my LSS had a class on Thursday morning to make mosaic cards.  I came in at the end, loved what I saw and decided to try it.
I first made a mother board for the background, I used Stampin Up glossy cardstock and Adirondack Earthtone Inks by Ranger.  I sponged on 4 different colors trying to blend them together.  I learned I tend to make my color splotches a little too large as you can see in the large Stream colored area.  Still and all, didn't ruin the finished project.
I stamped my card focals in the corner of my paper and then used HOTP swirl stamps on the rest of the page using Versamark and black Zing embossing powder for all the images.  I cut out the focals and then cut up the remainder of the paper any which way.  I then tried the next step 2 ways: for one card I used a sheet of Humongo sticky paper and the other I used 1 1/2" Scor Tape.  I found no difference in the finished product and by my figuring the Scor Tape is less expensive to use.  I cut one of the focals into 3 pieces and reassembled on the sticky tape.  I then added the cut up pieces to the rest of the sticky paper leaving space between pieces for the "grout".  One thing is to be careful not to handle the stickiness if at all possible to make sure you get good adhesion.  I sprinkled Neon Purple Zing Embossing Powder over the whole design and made sure (as much as possible) there was no powder on my mosaic pieces.  Hit it with the heat gun and presto! - a beautiful card topper.

I left the flower whole on the second card and popped a smaller one on top for dimension.  I finished off both cards with white grosgrain ribbon and a sentiment stamp (both HOTP).  As I've mentioned before, my photography leaves much to be desired - the embossing and, really, the whole card is vibrantly colored.

Both are going in my OWH box which will, probably (LOL) get mailed on Monday.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend and taking time to be creative!


  1. Gorgeous! Love those colors & the technique!

    You asked about digital scrapbooking -- no, I like the look of the more traditional scrapbook. I guess I do more of a hybrid. I like to print my journaling directly to the page sometimes, but still glue pictures, embellies, and often journaling to the page.

  2. I keep coming back to this post. I love the colors and I want to see these projects in person and be able to "pet" them to experiencing the embossing more fully. :D

    Thanks for all your comments on my blog. They are a real encouragement.