Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shaker card tutorial

It's been a long time since I posted; my laptop crashed and we do have a new one, but I don't have all my programs yet, so bear with me.  The photos could be better!  I volunteered to write a tutorial for Operation Write Home and this is what I came up with.

What you will need:  an A2 card base, patterned paper, a die or punch, closely woven tulle, score tape and filling.
I used Theresa Collins paper and Nellie's Dies.  Adhere patterned paper to front of card and decide on placement of opening.  I taped my die down to prevent it slipping.
You will also need another paper to for the inside cover.  I chose to use white cardstock, but anything you choose is fine.  After they are all run through your machine you will have this:
With the inside of your card facing up adhere one end of the tulle to the card front.  I used my ATG for this step.  Add your choice of filling (small beads for me) and fold the tulle over.  At this point you will want to use score tape or other adhesive on the tulle getting as close to the edge of the design as possible.  Don't worry about about the stickiness, it will be covered.  I apologize for the bad picture, but you can see the score tape around the heart.

Adhere your piece of cardstock, matching the shapes together over the tulle hiding the messy bit.  Take the reserved heart die cut (patterned paper) and adhere to the inside of the card again matching the shapes together. At this point, you can embellish/finish your card as you choose. I chose to make frames for the opening on both sides of the card front.

I also added the swans to the patterned paper heart.  I stamped "love you" on a small white heart and pop dotted it to the front of the card.  When the card is closed the patterned paper heart shows through the tulle.

I hope this tutorial will help you to make great cards!


  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing, Penny. I'll have to try this sometime.

  2. great card! I so want to try this one day.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy Holidays!

    Tisha Van Dyke

  3. Thanks for sharing each step of the process! Good for you taking the time to create a very detailed posting!!

  4. Thanks Chief for your kind comments on my blog. I am had we have this creative outlet that also helps our troops! I'll try your shaker card tutorial.

  5. Penny (Chief) I am giving your blog a "Liebster Award". Details on my blog tomorrow. Crafty Colonel.

  6. Very nice tutorial, will follow you in free time.

  7. I had totally forgotten this tutorial. If I had remembered it, I'd have known how to make a shaker card when that popped up for one of the challenges for World Cardmaking Day! :) Neat idea using the tulle!