Sunday, December 13, 2009

Scrapping Day!!!!

No pictures today, but I did spend the day scrapping with two wonderful young women, Amy and Kali. They spent about 5 hours at my house playing with my cricut, making cards, playing with my cricut, eating, playing with my cricut. I think you can tell the cricut was the highlight of the day! Ashley, we missed seeing you today - I hope your kiddo is feeling lots better. Kali and I each made a wonderful shoe using a template by Ellen Hutson - I gave mine away so I'll post a picture when I make another one (you can check out her website: or click here for the template itself. I spend a lot of time crafting which is playing to me, but not enough time crafting with others; so today was a treat. It also forces me to deal with the mess my scraproom has become! I have stacks of paper, templates, tools, etc. everywhere, but since I had to bring a lot into the dining room today it will all get put back where it belongs.

I hope I'm not setting myself up for failure, but I think I'm going to make another new year's resolution and that is to scrap with others at least once a month. It is so easy to get into a rut of going to work and coming home and working on projects by myself, I need to break out. Since the kids are all off on their own or in college, I have plenty of time.

I think that is it for today. Tomorrow is my birthday - it's hard to believe I'll be 48! I plan to spend the day in my craft room and then going out to dinner - no dishes makes it my kind of day.


  1. Happy birthday :) Im doing the big 40 on the 26th and Im not sure how I feel about that yet...hehe

  2. Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing the shoe template. Trish:)